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The new Sokol Park Chiropractic website is now online! But there’s plenty more questions to be asked, and here we aim to answer them.

Are you concerned about something related to chiropractic treatment? Have you heard some things you want know more about? That’s what our blog is for. Let’s talk about it. In future updates we’ll address various topics related to chiropractic care and your over all health. Stay tuned right here for our first blog series, coming soon.

You can email us or ask your questions here in the comments.

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  1. Sharlon Ingram


    I have been going to Dr Kennedy for a little over two months. I went to see him because I have chronic back pain. Through regular adjustments, my back pain has decreased drastically. I also was diagnosed with hypothyroidism around 10 years ago. Well, I recently had a blood test, and I got a call from my Doctor, that he was going to have to start decreasing my dosage of synthroid because the dosage I am on is too high. This is the first time they’ve ever had to decrease my dosage, so not only is my back pain better, the regular adjustments have caused my thyroid to function better. I am so thankful for Dr Kennedy and Sokol Park Chiropractic!

    • Scott Kennedy


      I’m thrilled that not only is your musculoskeletal system improving but your internal health as well. The nervous system is what it’s really all about. If your spinal column is misaligned and causing nerve pressure, then the message from your brain to the rest of your body is not being received at 100%. I have seen numerous conditions improve over the years from acid reflux to migraine headaches.

  2. Ms.Johnson


    Dr. Kennedy and his staff
    are so friendly and professional. I have used his sevices for almost two years now. I had limited moventment in my neck that he helped alleviate. I continue using his service due to the resulting twisting of my back and spasms. I recommend his service to anyone working any job and standing for long periods.

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