Adjustments are only one dimension of care. Muscle stimulation, cervical and lumbar decompression, inter-segmental traction are also important.


What you put in your body determines what you can get out of it.


Believe it or not, children have accidents. Sometimes kids need chiropractic adjustments.


Concerned about adjustments? Let us put you at ease. With our state of the art adjustment tables you'll get the best adjustments possible with proven stretching techniques.

Muscle Stimulation

Physiotherapy: Muscle Stimulation

Gentle electrical muscle stimulation is focused on specific areas of the body, such as the neck or back area. In these areas, this treatment stimulates the muscles to release tension, spur blood circulation, help the muscles remember their natural function, and much more. All of this encourages healing.

Physiotherapy: Decompression

Our traction tables provide quick non-surgical cervical and lumbar decompression. This decompression stretches the spine to relieve pressure from spinal discs and promotes mobility and range of motion.



Most of the time you can transform your body and start the healing process if you focus on healing the gut first through food and natural supplements that come from food and animals, and natural herbs.
Our supplements are not synthetic they are whole food supplements which means you are actually not taking another pill but rather you are taking in more food that your body needs rather than taking synthetic vitamins and/or prescription drugs.
Our supplements actually come from food and animals. For example: beets,sweet potatoes, carrot root, animal organs to support human organs, etc.


Chiropractic treatment for children is beneficial for their overall health and research has shown it to be effective to prevent myringotomy (tubes in ears) and colic. Children with scoliosis, acute torticollis and many other conditions can benefit from professional chiropractic care.


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